How To Learn Languages?

The easiest way to learn a new language is to live for a while among the speakers of that language — without an interpreter, without a dictionary and being forced to speak the language in order to survive! Guaranteed, you will learn the basics in a few weeks… and in a few months your new […]

Why To Learn Languages?

» Posted on Apr 22 2010

Although most people know why they want to learn a foreign language it is good to remind ourselves about the benefits of knowing a second language or even a third language…

We live in an era when the distant continents and countries are linked together economically, financially more than ever. Communication between people and nations is getting more and more intense. Don’t forget, communication is a very broad term, and for scientists it includes travel, too. Tourism is not a privilege of the rich aristocracy as it was a hundred years ago — but a common leisure activity for most of us. In a few hours we can jump from one continent to another, from one country to a completely different place. If you drive in Europe just in one single day you can go through several different countries, all with their own languages, their own distinct culture.

We travel more than ever. And while traveling we like to learn and understand different cultures and people. It is in the human nature to be curious about other humans who speak in a “strange” language and do things differently than we do. The best way to understand foreign countries and distant cultures is to try to learn their languages.

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Free Spanish Language Course

» Posted on May 04 2010

A while ago on a cold winter day my wife decided enough is enough and announced we were going on a vacation to the Caribbean. I was OK with that, although suddenly I realized I don’t know a word in Spanish.

Usually, we plan vacation long time ahead and I have time to pick up the basics in the local language if it happens that I didn’t study yet that language. Don’t think about getting fluent in conversation — just some basics to be able to ask for directions, for food… and for the toilet. (Very important, btw!)

So, I had only a few days to learn a few Spanish words and phrases. I didn’t even have a dictionary. Desperately, I turned on my computer and started to search. I needed some quick and short Spanish language course, preferably online. How do you find an online Spanish language course? You search and search for different keywords (as you, probably, did, too…)

Then I have found this site called Rocket Languages. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about them. But they offered a free, six days Spanish course, and I signed up. By the time we were ready to leave for our vacation I mastered the basics.

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Why To Learn Spanish?

» Posted on Apr 26 2010

Whenever it comes about learning a new language we are inclined to ask ourselves: why should I learn this language? Why don’t they learn my language?

It’s true: for all of us it is quite flattering if a foreigner tries to learn our mother tongue and we often forget that others might feel the same way. However, learning a specific language (in this case Spanish) shouldn’t be a competition of national egos… We learn languages because we either need them or we are interested in the country, the nation and the culture related to it.

So, why to learn Spanish language? — One of the most obvious answers is
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