How To Learn Languages?

The easiest way to learn a new language is to live for a while among the speakers of that language — without an interpreter, without a dictionary and being forced to speak the language in order to survive! Guaranteed, you will learn the basics in a few weeks… and in a few months your new […]


Welcome to my Language Learning blog!

My name is Stephen Dalma and all my life I’ve learned and taught languages. I started “studying” languages in the kindergarten because I grew up in a bilingual place and speaking two languages was a given.

As I learned new languages in the school — including Latin and Old Greek — I became almost obsessed with discovering and learning how languages work. The history of languages and language families (languages that are genetically related) as well as the comparative linguistics are my lifelong hobbies…

No wonder I became a language teacher and I had the opportunity to teach different languages to my students both on a beginner and more advanced level.

In this blog I am making an attempt to share my experiences regarding language learning. I am convinced anybody can learn a foreign language or even more than one. So can you!

Look around and have fun!

I wish you success in your journey to acquire a new language!

Stephen Dalma