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The easiest way to learn a new language is to live for a while among the speakers of that language — without an interpreter, without a dictionary and being forced to speak the language in order to survive! Guaranteed, you will learn the basics in a few weeks… and in a few months your new […]

Why To Learn Spanish?

» Posted on Apr 26 2010

Whenever it comes about learning a new language we are inclined to ask ourselves: why should I learn this language? Why don’t they learn my language?

It’s true: for all of us it is quite flattering if a foreigner tries to learn our mother tongue and we often forget that others might feel the same way. However, learning a specific language (in this case Spanish) shouldn’t be a competition of national egos… We learn languages because we either need them or we are interested in the country, the nation and the culture related to it.

So, why to learn Spanish language? — One of the most obvious answers is because it is the second biggest language in the world (after the Mandarin Chinese): supposedly it is spoken as native language by approx. 350 million people. It is also the official language in 21 countries and in many international organizations.

While all these statistics sound interesting, let’s face it: nobody starts learning Spanish (or any other language for that matter) just based on statistical data. Statistics are boring. But the languages are not boring. They help us to communicate with other people.

So, how would learning to speak Spanish help you in your everyday life? Let’s look at several aspects.

Tourism to Spanish speaking countries

Do you like to travel? Do you like to visit ancient places to learn about the history of mankind? Most people do. Central and South America have a lot of such tourist destinations: sunny beaches, tropical forests, ancient ruins, breath-taking mountains and so on. And south of the US border everybody speaks Spanish (except Brazil, where they speak Portuguese). Say Holá instead of Hi and they will love you…

Business with Spanish speaking countries

Economies all around the world are getting more and more inter-connected. Businesses are learning fast that having relationships in the developing countries can boost their international exposure and productivity. Think outsourcing… Actually, this is a two-way street: foreigners are more likely to do business with you if you can talk their language!

We could go on mentioning the growing number of Spanish-speaking population in the USA and other countries; the fact that in addition to native speakers another 200 million people speak Spanish as a second language.

There isn’t really need to more arguments to show how useful it can be if you master the Spanish language. The opportunities to start learning Spanish offline or online are almost endless. All you have to do is to find the method and language courses that suit you the best and start learning Spanish. There are also very useful language learning software packages that can help a beginner to start.

Learning Spanish language is relatively easy. Next time we will talk about a few tips to make this experience even easier for you.

Start learning Spanish today!

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